Is this thing on?

We often thought it was time to tell our customers the sorts of things we do inbetween orders and support calls.  I’d not done anything about it until now!.  When we started, I used to send emailed newsletters every few weeks to remind customers we existed, tell them about new deals, features, shows we were exhibiting at, and that kind of thing.  Gradually the newsletters have become about once a year due to my split duties as MD, head of marketing, software architect and dog walker.  And I could never quite justify emailing customers action shots of the office, or the dog, or cute articles that only family is going to be interested in (honest Mum, it’s a real business, I would have been terrible at law).  Well no longer – has crash-landed in 2001 (only with Rails, and virtualisation, and new Doctor Who) and we have a lot of catching up to do.

To our customers, for now we’ll still be announcing any network problems formally through our usual forum location so look there for important information, not here.  And as usual is the place to look for technical support, please don’t place comments here if you want a definite reply.

To do before telling anyone about this: pretty skin from Julian, frothy articles to fill the front page, document 400-page tagging regime.  If you find it before I’ve put the URL anywhere, sshhhh, don’t tell anyone!