Feedback from LUGRadio and the Atom announcement

We received some generous coverage from The Register, ZDNet, Hexus, Engadget and Pocket-lint about our super-value Atom server and a few takers as well.  There was a definite note of scepticism concerning the Atom server’s horsepower but it’s equivalent to a 3-4 year low-end P4, and fast enough to host … well you’ll see over the next few weeks as our first Atom customers let us know.  We’re also putting a couple of systems the way of some interesting open source projects so, hope we’ll be able to get even more in-depth with them.

The Bytemark annual visit to LUGRadio Live worked out as the best yet – our gaming rig got a hammering from tens of newly converted engineers, spys, pyros and soldiers.  The computers didn’t need too much attention to keep running, but enemy number one were (I think) some cheap PS/2 extension leads which caused the systems to need a complete reboot once every few hours.  I think only one person got interrupted by that problem, and a few stayed for a whole morning or afternoon without interruption.  Personally I got shot up quite a lot, had to take many few breaks, but got on best as a sneaky spy.  Additionally If anyone playing with us would like a copy of the Orange Box, almost fully Linux compatible (apart from being written for Windows and all) – Valve software were kind enough to send a few freebies but a bit late so we have a free copy!  Sorry that’s as far as we got with prizes but I hadn’t really got the hang of administering a tournament and didn’t want to stop the game when we had a full house enjoying themselves.

Also at LUGRadio, Craig Smith at O’Reilly did a funny kind of interview for the O’Reilly/GMT blog where I got to talk about myself and my company for about ten minutes solid.  Hey Craig, a few questions might have stopped my eyes from darting quite so wildy   I sound posh on tape.

There was also karaoke, a (chinny) raccoon, and many many interesting people to meet and exchange gossip with.  Here’s to another ‘last-ever’ LUGRadio Live again next year, and good luck with the next 12 months, Jono and the team, they sound like interesting times.