Bytemark open house, Wednesday 17th September

We will be hosting our second open house from 5.30pm on the 17th September (a week Wednesday) and we’re inviting any like-minded Linux-industry loafers to join us.  There will be takeaway pizza, plenty of drinks and of course the attractive Bytemark team.  Come, shoot the breeze, say you don’t understand Facebook either, and that Google’s success is probably built on eating children.

Once again we’re palming off our surplus equipment onto an unsuspecting public, all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.  If you’re looking to put together a low-cost PC or two, we’ve got reasonably modern cases, boards, processors and RAM "priced to sell" in exchange for a small donation to a good cause.  You get a PC, we get a tidier office and cancer gets its ass kicked.  Alex will update this post with any definite details on what we’ve got as he clears the shed out, but it won’t be mail-order, you’ll have to turn up, have something to eat, possibly some pleasant conversation, and then take it away on the day.

Bytemark’s office is in the Raylor Centre office building, which faces onto James Street in York opposite the bus depot (map link).  If you want to take public transport, just fall asleep on any First Group bus in the area – you’re there when they kick you off!  Or there’s a car park outside, either way is fine.

So if you’d like to come, do RSVP to matthew [at] with your name, email address and most importantly, pizza preference!