Writers block

Here’s to all our customers and fans – we hope you have a happy Christmas!  May your pagers be silent and backups be reliable well into 2009.

This is the after-dinner shot taken by the waiter at Biltmore Bar & Grill at the Bytemark Christmas do ten days ago.  We had a fantastic time and a great year of growth to celebrate (cough, accounts pending, but we’re pretty sure it’s another few tens of percent by now).  When Bytemark made the switch from being a consulting company 6 years ago, Pete and I realised that subscription revenue was going to keep us going through bad economic times and we’re very grateful to our customers for their continued faith in us.  We absolutely don’t take it for granted, and will have some interesting news in the first couple of months next year.  I hope we’ll make a few new fans and provide our loyal customers with some super upgrade options.

I had two monster articles half-written over the last month, but I think they’re destined for the bin now – you need a bit of speed and concentration for long rambling posts, and if they’re not done in a day or weekend, they’re never going to get done.  For now, I’ll work on my New Year’s resolution to write here little and often, and come back with some more regular company news in 2009.