Now we are six

Alex and FernToday was Alex (and Fern’s) last day at Bytemark – they’re leaving us for new opportunities in Bath, greener pastures (literally) and closeness to family.  He has recently helped move a large number of customers out of one of our data centres, maintained a lot of monitoring and logging systems, opened our eyes to some some interesting new kit and vendors over the two years he’s been with us, and many customers will miss his occasional firm hand on the support queue.  Good bye, good luck!

His last act was sorting a pile of surprisingly powerful servers which we’ll be installing for the benefit of larger open source projects in need of hosting, build farms or other developer resources.  If you’re helping to maintain any Free software, and need some infrastructure to help it develop, now is a very good time to ask me about hosting.  We have servers, rack space and bandwidth to donate, especially to projects that we use ourselves.

So we have been looking for at least one replacement Alex all this week, and already met some very interesting and expert local engineers.  The marathon finishes at the end of next week, and the one thing I can say for certain is I need to urgently fix the hot drinks situation.  We’ve had 1.5-2.5hr interviews, 3 a day, and one cup per interview isn’t enough.  What’s the etiquette in an interview when you have lots more to talk about, but don’t want to leave your interviewee alone to get another drink?  Is it OK to go make another cup of tea and leave them alone for a few minutes?  I will shift the coffee machine from the corridor, make a full pot, and get some kind of enormous samovar to dispense tea.  So please excuse us if you’ve got a 4pm interview scheduled, and Pete and me are completely ripped by that time; we’re just trying to keep hydrated.