Bytemark abroad

We’re oot and aboot over the next few weeks:

The UKUUG conference is a merciless 3-day technical assault which you can endure with a couple of hundred other system administrators and programmers.  And usually some nice drinks and dinner to soften the blows.  It’s a very technical conference, but worth the time and money, at least if your job is to keep up to date with systems administration.

Internet World is an sprawling old monster of a trade show featuring a depressing number of shonky-looking SEO firms, but also lots of web hosts and specialist little providers jostling for attention.  We hope to grab yours.

And the organisers couldn’t say this, but I will – CLOUD Expo Europe is going to be a better Linuxw*rld, formed from many of the embers of the last UK show.  While relegating Linux to only an initial, it is organised by many of the same people, and has pulled the focus out to other UNIXes, cloud computing (oblig. sneer from me, for now) and developers, developers, developers.  Some of our best customers are developers.  Come on you lot, visit us and make our day.

I’m busy making the arrangements for all three, and hope our new web site will make an appearance just before (maybe during, maybe on the train down at this rate) the UKUUG conference.  Any blog followers, customers or stalkers are welcome to meet me for a drink around any of these events, just drop me a line or comment below.

Also – new staff – we have a Yann!  And next month, a David.  I will welcome them both soon, but in the mean time please treat them nicely if you see them answering your emails.