New web site, new prices

I’ve finally put up our new web site – there are a few rough edges which we’ll address in the next few days, but it’s a definite improvement overall. I would be interested to hear your comments below, or direct to

The main highlights are:

  • 150MB virtual machines are now 256MB for the same price, and so on up the range;
  • there’s now a 2GB virtual machine available for £55 per month (that’s only £10 more for double the memory);
  • Atoms and Phenoms now come with 2 x 500GB drives as standard.;
  • setup fees for upgrades are now zero, simplifying pricing somewhat;.and
  • you can quickly experiment with prices on the front page.

We’ve stopped doing single and triple core systems, as well as single-drive systems, and have raised the price of new Atom systems which was necessary to keep the profitable amid rising data centre costs.  The 2GB virtual machines are  a lower-cost replacement, with probably faster storage.

We’re now much more confident in selling Windows systems including Windows Data Center Edition.  The licensing for this edition is unusually generous in that you’re allowed to run as many copies of Windows on your dedicated server while paying only £50 per month per server extra.  That’s a lot of money for something you can do for free with Linux of course, but if you need .NET, IIS and the full stack of Microsoft technologies, it’s a lot better value than it used to be.  Windows Web Server edition is £15 per month, which is more suited to the lower-cost Atom.

The documentation for our Linux-based vhost system has had a shot in the arm, and is still ongoing.  This is our tool to tame full root access, making it simple to deploy lots of web sites and mailboxes.

Finally we should soon have a documented set of tools for running KVM as our preferred virtualisation solution.  Some customers are testing these already, and we are working on a migration path away from Xen.  Sorry Xen guys, it was just too difficult  to keep up, and we’re glad to offer a better virtualisation system than we did before.

If you can make it down to Earls Court next week – Peter, Patrick, Yann and me will see you at Internet World.