Summer time and the hosting is easy

Following this blog must be like visiting an eldery and infirm relative, who sits in their chair all day, leaping from it once every few hours to shout I WAS IN THE WAR YOU KNOW!  I like writing, but I don’t like, well, being wrong – and, well, that can happen on the internet.   Instead, we have ACTUAL NEWS.

It’s definitely summer, so time for our annual product refresh. 

And it’s a big one for our virtual machines – even though DRAM prices have gone up, HP keep coming out with awesome new blades which continue to bring our running costs down.  So virtual machine customers are now getting:

  • a near-double RAM allowance, from 256MiB to 500MiB (and 512 to 1000MiB etc. right up to 4000MiB which is now our top-end machine);
  • five times the old backup quota, from 2GB to 10GB and so on.  We now match the amount of VM disc space with the same on our backup servers;
  • quadruple the monthly traffic allowance, from 50GB to 200GB and so on up the range;
  • two CPU cores instead of one for customers with 2000MiB or 4000MiB machines.

I think this is the fourth or fifth time we’ve doubled our VMs’ memory since we launched them, and we tip our hats to the customers who’ve been here since the start!  If your VM hasn’t already been upgraded, please check the forum for news of when yours will be.

Secondly, we’d like to introduce our storage monster server.  That’s a 6-core server with 8GiB RAM, and 12 drive bays with hardware RAID. So you can host 18TB in a single server for only £425, or 4.5TB for £315.  Unlike Amazon and other cloudy storage providers, you get root access to this one.  Oh, and it’s half the price.

Even if you don’t need all those discs, you can still get a six-core server from us – the quad-core Phenom is no more, so our D3 dedicated server now feaures the same Phenom II X6 1055T, on the same board.

Finally, our dedicated and the premium dedicated servers have had much-increased bandwidth allowances.  Because we’ve got a ginormous network and we don’t care who knows it.  Did I mentioned we’d joined LINX?  Well we did, and that should translate to lots more peering connections for us down in London, and more reliable bandwidth.

Even more finally, we’ve connected our office phones to Skype.  So you can call us for free from your the same as with a regular telephone: we’re .

Now order a server, and make me a Pimm’s.