Help Jakob Scott-Thomas to walk

Chris has been our data centre manager for the last 15 months.  He’s a charming, easy-going fellow with a steady hand on our servers.  But outside of the data centre, Chris and his wife Lara are steely, constant, amazing campaigners for their 6-year old son Jakob – he was born with Spastic diplagea, a form of cerebral palsy that restricts Jakob’s ability to walk, and without treatment, causes muscle degradation later in life.  

This would be a bummer, because Jakob really really wants to be a tennis player when he grows up.

Jakob Scott-ThomasRoger Federer serving

Jakob’s best chance is an experimental, scary-sounding, but so far successful procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy – but the NHS hasn’t made its mind up yet as to whether you can get it in the UK.  The way I understand it, it needs to be done as soon as possible to lessen the chances of lasting muscle damage.

Chris and Lara have been shooting to raise £50,000 for the full cost of the procedure in the St. Louis Childrens Hospital.  They’ve organised charity line dances, pub crawls, a masked ball, a balloon race, and a sponsored SKY DIVE and about a zillion other events.  It’s been full time, and more for both of them.

Now it’s booked – they’re taking Jakob to Missouri in October and November this year, but making up the rather large difference in cost themselves.  Right now they are £16,000 short, and I want to give them as much of a fund raising push as possible.  If you can help with further exposure (or cash!), please get in touch with Chris & Lara, or give through the big Paypal button on the Help Jakob site.