$ bigv vm new

Finally we launch the site for our new hosting platform – bigv.io is looking for beta testers from June. If you think you might want some very cheap, powerful servers around that time, go to the site and tell us how you want things.

We want to give our customers the absolute best of KVM – all of its lovely features exposed, and geared towards providing flexible virtual machines with the highest possible up time.  All our experience in virtualisation, dedicated servers and network design in the last few years are being rolled into the consistent platform that we ummed and ahhed about, but haven’t had the resources to build until now.

Expect support for any sensible OS, expandible RAM & discs, a low starting price, flexible networking and a few other goodies. We have a couple of new ideas for both high-availability and high-scalability servers, and our lovely beta testers will get to try them first.

I promise that’s the last of the teasing. Actual specs and prices will follow.