Small holiday hold-up

I said June, I just didn’t say when in June. Clever, slippery me! Apologies, between holidays and illness we didn’t make it for the start of the month, but I am hoping we’ll get our first invites out by the end of the month, and the proper site up. We are going to leak invites out a few at a time, so we can watch the first few of you like lab rats.

When that happens you’ll also know our final price list; but we’ll still keep some capabilities under our hats for a little bit longer.

Here are the features that are working right now:

  • instant creation, deletion & changes to disc / memory quotas (offline only at the moment);
  • IPv4 and IPv6 access;
  • multiple storage grades (SATA and SAS at the moment);
  • imaging from our usual images, and CD-ROM / DVD installations;
  • graphical console access;
  • serial console access (via SSH).

These are features where much of the work is already in place, and which we’ll push out one by one during the beta (not necessarily in this order):

  • clever online resizing;
  • disc snapshots;
  • Windows Server 2008 support;
  • private networks & IPv4/IPv6 ranges;
  • mixing dedicated servers;
  • billing!

A few people have asked about an programming interface / API. The whole thing is controlled by web services, which is no big surprise. But we’re putting our effort into a single front-end, our command-line client, and not worrying about nailing down the API. The command-line client is designed to make automation easy. So I don’t really consider it a "feature" that we will (at some point) document the API properly an promise not to change it incompatibly, but I’m not in a rush to do that.

The "beta" tag will apply to BigV while 1) we might decide to break the whole cluster and take all the VMs down at once for a few minutes, 2) it might happen anyway and 3) we’re not charging for it. When I can cancel all those conditions, I’ll take the beta "apology" away.

What I can be confident of is that BigV is not going to eat your data, we’re not going to take you machines down on a whim, and we’re not going to change our pricing once it’s announced, at least we won’t review it more often than once a year.

So if you’re looking to quickly build your own hosting infrastructure on our network, and pay for only what you’re using, it’s nearly time. Thanks for hanging on.