BigV: A quiet unveiling

Our first BigV cluster “” is now getting some stress-testing, and we’ve sent our first batch of invitations (and instructions) to those who’ve signed up.

We’ve also opened up the web site so that you can see the full product, even though it’s not quite finished. We will be updating the software & documentation pretty constantly, but the pricing is final, and the IPs you get won’t change.

If you want to deploy anything important as part of the beta, you know how much it’ll cost when we begin charging later in the year. Nick, Alex and I have worked to polish a small feature set, and we’ll be adding to it for the next few months in time for a full launch.

Right now you can do all of this:

  • create virtual machines up to 120GiB;
  • attach as many discs as you want (up to 500GiB normal, or 50GiB fast storage);
  • use IPv4 and IPv6 (one of each per server at the moment);
  • VGA & serial console access;
  • server installation from CD-ROMs;
  • online memory shrinking (but not growing); and
  • offline disc and memory addition.

The rest of the features are detailed on the site, and marked clearly where they’re not quite done!

We’ve already got some of our customers putting BigV to interesting use, and I’m starting to write up these use cases straight away.

In the mean time, tell me what you think. Email or call 01904 890898 with any urgent problems. I will be monitoring closely and updating the web site with new documentation every day.