More BigV testers every week

We’re sending out V-Keys every week now, and I’m really grateful to the testers who are helping us out. All your suggestions go into our bug tracker, and are being worked through.

One problem in the first couple of weeks have been a flakey DHCP servers which made installations unreliable. That’s because we wrote our own in Ruby, and for whatever reason it ain’t fast enough to respond reliably. So it’s being ripped out and replaced with something a bit more standard. In the mean time you might find you need to reboot a couple of times more than normal to access our console shell.

We’ve also found that our CentOS installs are lacking virtio drivers, and that means you can’t use them (unless you are very clever and like fiddling with your boot sequence). That should be fixed in the next few days.

We’re distributing the client as portable tgz files, with a basic installer. This should help cover some other UNIXes, and I’m working backwards to make sure older systems are supported easily. Once that’s in placed we will build up the functionality of the client and know that as many OSes as possible are supported.

Finally – of course – usability will be a battle and we’re overhauling each command to make it easier to understand. I’ve done another pass at the documentation recently and hope it’s only getting easier.

I’m still keen to hear what you think, and what you’re using BigV for. Email or call 01904 890898 with any urgent problems.