BigV: Distro fixes, feature update

CentOS images now work, but sometimes you need to bigv vm restart after installation to get them to boot. Sorry, still looking at that. Ubuntu is fine now we’ve enlarged the default /boot partition.

There should be a new client release in the next day which cleans up some of the ugly output from many of the commands, and improves usability.

Bugs update: We’re still working on why reboot sometimes – doesn’t, and the DHCP server is a little flakey. Also the V-Key operation can throw “unauthorized” messages in various situations where it needn’t, and make you type the command again.

Features update: The newest features will concentrate on creation and handling of multiple accounts, so you can create accounts for your clients and customers, and keep their stuff separate from yours. Each VM belongs in a group, each group belongs in an account, and each account has one bill-payer. At the moment the client doesn’t facilitate handling several accounts, but it will do as soon as the current crop of usability bugs are fixed.

I’m expecting 500 new Yubikeys tomorrow, and a batch of 50 should go out as fast as we can program them, including to some international testers.

Please keep the bug reports & feature requests coming.