BigV: Extra IPs, disc expansion soon

The next client update should allow you to add further IPv4 addresses to your VMs (for SSL etc.), and change the size of your discs, as well as a few bug fixes – I hope it should be ready by the end of the week.

I’m also working on stopping the cluster from unnecessarily rebooting your VMs during migrations, which has been a bit of a problem the last couple of weeks. I’d always advise you to test that your production systems can reboot properly, but it’s not something we want to force on you 🙂

We ran out of SSD disc space – sorry, requests for that won’t work at the moment, but there is some more on the way.

Finally, for those of you who want to use the system without a V-Key, please let us know your username, and I can temporarily disable the requirement for it. There is a better privilege system in the works, but it may be a few more weeks in coming, so we’ve put a temporary fix in place for now, for people who want to try scripting their VM creation.

We’ll email when it’s time to update your software, and send out another big batch of V-Keys.