Pardon me, some redeployment in progress

We’ve always been more of a… console-y kind of company. But I’m finally hauling our 20-ish web applications up to a newer, simpler deployment. In fact if you’re reading and you lurve web application deployment, you can become our next systems administrator. If you prefer programming we’re also hiring a Ruby programmer.

But that’s by the by – I had a blogging renaissance in mind, and also needed to haul the old site off a hateful blogging program that ate 2-3 gigabytes of RAM every time I pressed “post”.  I might have posted more often, but it took a month each time for the swap storm to die down.

OK OK not quite true. But WordPress conquers everything, and does the business. What’s not quite done is our new design, but it’ll look a bit like this:

Apart from the bland default theme, does anything look broken before I carry on?