Bytemark hosting the Open Rights Group

For the foreseeable future, Bytemark will be helping to sponsor the Open Rights Group with as much hosting as they need to support their many and important campaigns for civil liberties in the UK.

The Open Rights Group have been campaigning for 7 years, funded by 700 seed supporters who joined up under the pledge: “I will create a standing order of 5 pounds per month to support an organisation that will campaign for digital rights in the UK but only if 1,000 other people will too.” (they had some leeway in that target!)  Today the Open Rights Group have full-time staff and make a major contribution to the national debate on digital rights, putting journalists, campaigners and policy makers in touch with one another.

As a leading hosting company with a direct interest in the digital economy, we at Bytemark know that the Open Rights Group‘s campaigning works in our interests, and those of our customers. They led the charge against the the pointless Digital Economy Act, and exposed its many holes. They maintain constant vigilance against government snooping, and they continually oppose the entertainment industries’ demands to shackle our digital futures in the name of preserving profit. Their work is continual, important to lots of UK internet users who’ve never heard of them, and supported only by donations.

We’re glad to be associated with the Open Rights Group through our contribution, and look forward to working with their technical team.