New BigV Client: 0.4.1-1427 with privilege delegation & Windows support

I’d be really happy if you could give the catchily-titled 0.4.1-1427 BigV client a go.

The main addition is that we have Windows support, so if your usual computer is Windows-based, there’s now an installer and command line for you.

You can also now install BigV servers running Windows Web Server 2008R2. There’s no charge during the beta period (even though it costs us), you just ask for the catchily-titled “winweb2k8r2” distribution when you next run bigv vm new.

You might also want to read about the new privilege system.

This allows you to delegate some account management privileges to other BigV users, though at the moment a few features are missing to help you manage those privileges.

Finally please note that each account has a limit of 32GiB RAM and 500GiB of disc space – total. If you need more please ask, being sure to specify the account or machine that needs it.

For customers that are using BigV in production and need urgent assistance, you can now email for 24 hour help, though as with our normal support channelsplease use it only when a production service is affected.