New BigV Client: 0.5.2, FreeBSD & compatibility mode

0.5.2 is out! It fixes quite a few bugs and will prompt you to remove your plain-text password from the bigv config file (sorry, that was the default until now).

I’ve documented a slightly clunky method of installing FreeBSD on BigV which we’ll replace with a proper image shortly.

Another feature snuck in to the last release which I’d not documented until now was compatibility mode, which lets you run OpenBSD, Solaris and other operating systems which don’t support qemu’s efficient “virtio” hardware model.

Finally you can now undelete accidentally deleted machines within 45 days of deleting them – see my notes on vm undelete.

0.6 should follow reasonably soon which will allow you to change your password, set up more easily on multiple machines and manage your IP addresseses.

You can update with the usual – either apt-get update; apt-get upgrade on Debian / Ubuntu. Or go to our download page and follow the instructions for your OS.