BigV: 0.6 client is out

There’s a new release of BigV’s client software – hurrah! So you are now able to “log in” or regenerate your profile on more than one machine. You can change your password rather than have to copy your .bigv folder around when (re)installing. The SSH key management is back, so you shouldn’t keep getting those prompts about host keys. You can create a VM with a CD-ROM ready inserted to speed installations.

More significantly you can also now create and delete usernames for other people – this means:

So if you have friends who would like BigV accounts, you now have the power to provide them with one.

There were also a two things I’d forgotten to document: did you know you can incorporate bigv invocation into other programs through YAML and batch modes? Or that there is an interactive mode which saves you entering your password every time you run bigv? They were always sat there in the interactive help, but I’d not written them up until now.

Update instructions are as usual: if you’re using Debian or Ubuntu you can “apt-get update; apt-get install bigv”. Everyone else, go to to grab the latest tarball or installer. There are some Redhat / Fedora / CentOS RPMs that I’ve not fully tested but I hope to post in the next fortnight. Thanks to Jamie Nguyen for doing this work for us.

Finally, Bytemark is turning 10 years old this year; I should soon have good news about the end of BigV’s beta period, and a launch this summer.