Bytemark welcomes Grahame Davies as non-executive director

Peter and I are proud to announce that we’ve appointed ISP industry veteran Grahame Davies as a non-executive director of Bytemark Hosting.

Grahame co-founded the UK’s first pure dial-up ISP, Demon Internet in 1992, and was Group Managing Director at Easynet Group Plc. He is currently chairman of LINX, the UK’s oldest and largest internet peering point.

The business model of Demon was something Peter and I had taken to heart when we started Bytemark 10 years ago, and we know it still has a future: simple all-inclusive service, telephone support and a short chain of command are appealing in any business. It means problems get solved for our customers without any rotten bureaucracy, and we intend to continue working this way.

We’re really excited to see how Grahame’s industry-defining experience will help with Bytemark’s forthcoming launch of its BigV hosting platform, plus the other Secret Project. More on both quite soon I hope!