Bravo Barcamp Blackpool!

One of the most enjoyable things about sponsoring events for Bytemark is that I get to go and meet some of the most enthusiastic and inspiring minds – and see how our support really can mean the difference for some events.

Today at Barcamp Blackpool, it was quite special. Whilst it was windy, wet and wild on the promenade, inside impromptu conversations were happening all around, 3D printers were busy building and sessions were being done on any manner of topics – from Devops to a taster workshop in Fencing!

I had some new camera gear and so I made this little video of the event – mainly to see how my new camera would work with Kdenlive, but also, hopefully, to give a little insight into the event itself.

Lally and Les, the organising team behind the event, did a great job bringing it all together and hopefully, this won’t be the last we’ve heard from them!

-Tim Dobson
Open Source & Community Outreach Manager