2013 server range now available

At Bytemark Hosting we accept paper pictures of the queen in exchange for access to our well-connected computational devices. We call these concepts “money” and “servers”. Every 12 months or so, we find that we can take less “money” or give you more “servers”, or both. And now it’s that time again, rejoice!

So here’s our 2013 fixed-spec servers, which are available to order now.

Our FS11 server replaces the FS1 for £69 per month, with an 4-core Opteron 3250 running at 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM and 2×500GB discs – two extra cores for no extra money.

The FS12 is the same the FS11, but for only £79 per month you get double the RAM and discs – 8GB and 1TB respectively.

The FS13 replaces the FS3 and now sports an 8-core Opteron 3280 running at 2.4GHz, 16GiB RAM and 2×2TB discs – for only £129 per month.

The FS14 is a new addition to our fixed-spec range, and has the same memory and CPU as the FS13, but has 2×3TB discs and 2×120GB fast SSDs for your database. That’s £179 per month, the first time we’ve put SSDs in our fixed-spec systems.

And and… and we’ve dropped all the setup fees and minimum terms on all fixed-spec servers. So there’s no commitment, you can go ahead and try one out a month at a time.

If you’ve got an older server and have had it more than a year, we’d be glad to give you the upgrade for free, and transplant your drives if you don’t mind the down time. Otherwise you’ll need to reorder and cancel the old one.

More on the premium servers in a day or two.