Bytemark’s first wholly-owned data centre

Peter and I are proud to announce that we’ve completed the purchase of a building for Bytemark. It will shortly become our first wholly-owned data centre. YO26 (the provisional name) is situated in the company’s home town of York. It will more than double our current hosting capacity, and provide a larger base for the company’s operations, including the development of our self-service cloud hosting product BigV.

YO26 takes Bytemark’s mission of hand-built hosting to the next level. We’ve built our own servers for years, and rolled much of our own software. And there are so many advantages to a managed hosting provider owning its own premises:

  • we’re free from price hikes imposed by data centre operators (and so are our customers);
  • we can time building maintenance to minimise risk to our customers – in a shared data centre we have to cope with maintenance being imposed upon us;
  • we can offer split-site hosting across two well-connected cities, neither of them London; and
  • our home-grown cloud hosting platform BigV will gain a second installation, allowing self-service customers to benefit from that resilience.

This has taken the best part of a year to research, plan and tie up, but with the growth I’m seeing this year, it may not be our only data centre project in 2013.

Bytemark will continue to host in Manchester for the foreseeable future, so our customers there won’t be buffeted around. But if you’re interested in expanding your hosting to two cities, we should be able to help you from April – now is the time to get in touch and talk to us about your plans.

As you read this, data centre design experts Sudlows are bringing diggers, drills and implements of destruction to turn this empty room into our state-of-the art data centre space:

Our office looks a little more welcoming and we will be optimising the space for development, customer support and ad-hoc meetings which I’ll share with you next month.

Please come and toast the unit’s opening with us! It’s at Unit 2 on Opus Avenue (near Nether Poppleton on the A1237). Bytemark staff and friends will be there from 7pm TODAY (Monday 28th January) with champagne, pizza and any other diversions that we can haul over for the evening.

Train spotters will be particularly welcome; we have a great view of the East Coast Main Line!

So if you know Bytemark, or are just curious to see what we do, please come and celebrate with us tonight.