BigV beta now open to all Bytemark customers

BigV is now open for use by all Bytemark Hosting customers.

BigV is Bytemark’s “cloud” hosting service, and allows for flexible, self-service deployment of virtual machines with permanent discs. It has been in development since August 2011 and runs thousands of live domains even before its launch. It costs £10 per month for a 1GiB virtual machine with 25GiB disc space, and you can scale each VM up to 180GiB of RAM. It’s completely driven from a command-line, and developed in the UK by Bytemark’s excellent in-house development team.

So if you’ve got a single sign-on account (i.e. any Bytemark customer), you can now use our registration instructions to set up the client and start spinning up BigV virtual machines from the command line. Please let us know what you think of it!

There are a few features we’re still working on before we call it “launched”:

  • disc I/O rates will be improved;
  • billing and signup will be better-integrated into the command line client;
  • we still need to specify a default Service Level Agreement (though we’ve agreed that with some customers already).

Once these are fixed, by April I hope, we will have big hoopla.

I’ve also opened our beta form to new registrations on a temporary basis, so if you’re not a Bytemark customer feel free to sign up. If you are a Bytemark customer but have forgotten your sign-on password (before today you’d only have used it for domains and credit card updates) you can request a reset from our panel front page.