Bytemark data centre build: We’ve made a lot of holes

The main developments in the last couple of weeks are hole-related:

  • We have a raised floor throughout the main data hall!  It’s made a huge difference to the feel of the whole place, hiding all the (very neat) cabling that has already been installed underneath. Hole count: 0

  • We now have our diverse entry points for fibre into the building – holes cored through the concrete to allow the ducting in.  The two entry points are on different walls of the building – far enough apart even I shouldn’t be able to trip over them simultaneously.  Hole count: 5 (small)
  • We have extract fans installed for the first phase of installations in the building.  During the mostly cool Yorkshire weather these will be exhausting the hot air from the building, allowing the air handling units to pump lovely fresh cool air under the floor.  During unexpected tropical spells then the dampers (not pictured) will seal the extractors and allow the air to be recirculated and cooled by regular air conditioners.  Hole count: 3 (large)

There have been countless other works going on – the plinths for all the plant have arrived and have been installed, along with a lot of fire detection and control kit; there’s a bathroom being refitted, stairs, more digging and burying outside, but it’s all coming together.

Total hole count: 8