Bytemark data centre build: The cooling has arrived.

The latest on our data centre: A large lorry turned up, a fork-lift rolled out and delivered a pair of Airedale Smartcool units. These will give us our initial 90kW of cooling capacity, in an N+1 configuration.

As you can see, the loading bay precisely fits a Moffett’s turning circle – with a generous few inches to spare.

In the same delivery there was a pair of Airedale Easicool units – these make up a separate cooling system for our UPS room.

Both our communication ducts now contain fibre. The fibre isn’t lit yet, but we have some LC patch bays waiting to have our kit plugged into them.

The concrete plinth for the backup generator has finally been poured and set after weeks of delay caused by the cold, wet weather.

Lastly the floor is fully finished in both rooms, and the lights have been switched on! They’ve been hung up and unplugged for weeks, but what a difference it makes to the room over the temporary safety lighting. It suddenly looks like a proper data centre!

That’s it for now – the list of tasks remaining keeps shrinking.  In the next couple of weeks we should have the main incoming LV panel, UPS system, Generator and sub-station arriving. More later…