A major infrastructure donation to the Debian Project

Bytemark are very proud to announce a big donation to the Debian Project. We’re providing a 16-server HP BladeSystem with 57TB of storage (Debian press release), at a commercial value of £150,000 per year. It is in our Manchester data centre right now, but will soon be hosted in our wholly-owned “YO26” York data centre from May 2013.

Debian is the universal UNIX operating system, built by thousands of volunteers across the globe since 1993, and bringing together the best of the free software movement since that time. Over 10% of web servers on the internet run it. And since Bytemark launched in 2002, Debian has been a major plank of our success – all our internal systems use it, and most of our customers do too.

We’ve even built our Symbiosis easy hosting system on top of Debian. That’s a Bytemark product in use by thousands of domains across our network, and (because we released it as free software), we’ve seen it adopted outside too.

While we can’t match the unpaid efforts of Debian’s thousands of volunteers, we’re at least happy to be providing such a substantial part of Debian’s infrastructure and paying back a little of our debt to the project. Debian’s success will continue to spur ours.