BigV: 0.7 client is out

It’s been a while, but we pressed the release button on 0.7.0 back on Tuesday – then quickly pressed the release button on 0.7.1 the day after! We’ve been somewhat distracted by under-the-hood improvements on the server side until recently – but that’s another story.

Eagle-eyed Linux users may have noticed the (very quiet) introduction of a Qt-based front-end in the last release; some work has gone into polishing this for 0.7, and we think it’s good enough for casual use now. Equally eagle-eyed Mac users will have noticed that a DMG-style installer has also been introduced for BigV, replacing the previous manual installer. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the GUI client packaged in this form for 0.7 – hopefully, we’ll overcome the relevant hurdles in the next release or two.

The command-line client is still the reference implementation, and the GUI doesn’t expose every feature, but it may be more convenient for the cases it does support – do have a play. You’ll find it in the “bigv-gui” package for the Linux distributions we support, and it’s installed alongside the command-line client if you use the Windows installer. Speaking of packages, our Linux ones should now work properly on Debian Wheezy (Ruby 1.8 or 1.9) and Fedora Core 19 (Ruby 2.0).

That’s not all we’ve been working on, of course – bigv vm shutdown and bigv vm stop now do different things (the former is graceful, like pressing the power button; the latter is like pulling the power out) and you can send a hard reset signal too (bigv vm signal –vm-signal=reset). You can also now rename VMs (bigv vm rename), delete accounts (bigv account delete), and run the client behind a HTTP proxy server (the –http-proxy option to any command). When creating or reimaging a VM, Debian Wheezy, Ubuntu Precise, and Windows Server 2012 have been added as options (we don’t have an Ubuntu Raring image yet!)

Finally, a bushel of bugs have been squashed, although I’m sure many remain. If you happen to spot one in the wild, please do let us know – especially if it’s to do with the graphical client – and we’ll do our level best to fix it. Otherwise, enjoy!