Bytemark data centre build: Crane day!

Our data centre is on the edge of the business park without any access from two sides; on Friday we needed some heavy lifting to get the diesel generator from the front to the back of the building.

Here’s the generator, an SDMO V550:

and here’s the crane:

And here’s the lift; the wind picked up slightly scarily before they started:

Once we’ve commissioned it, our data centre will have a “prime” 500kVA generating capacity, keeping us going off the grid for 20 hours at our initial full load without needing the tank refilled. We’ll be adding a new tank as data centre load requires and we won’t require its full capacity for a few more months at least.

There’s also space behind the data centre for two more generators, covering us for the full possible data centre load at N+1 as we build out the ground floor further.