Scottish Ruby Conference tickets: We have a winner!

Last week, we ran a competition to find the most exciting thing on BigV. I’m pleased to announce we have a winner!

With Associates have built the site for Code Club, “a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11” and host it on BigV.

We love the idea of giving schoolchildren a fun after-school activity which can easily turn into a lifelong interest and marketable skill. Most of us at Bytemark got started that way, but experience of computers in the 80s and 90s came from generous parents, uncommonly ambitious schools and teachers going above and beyond the call of duty. We like that Code Club is helping to level the field.

Jamie White of With Associates:

Code Club came to us at the start of the year to see if we might be interested in building the next version of their website. We jumped at the opportunity, and the past few months have seen us working closely with co-founder Clare Sutcliffe to realise her vision. It launched last month, and so far it’s been a great success.

The Code Club site (pictured above) uses a pretty recent set of technology:

  • Slices, With Associates’ in-house content management system (built on Rails);
  • The database is MongoDB;
  • It uses queues extensively, via MongoDB and the Qu gem;
  • It plugs into a bunch of other services, including:

Jamie will be at the Scottish Ruby Conference next week courtesy of Bytemark, and we look forward to seeing more children programming from theirs, and Code Club’s efforts.