Now hiring: Sales Director, Head of External Communications

We’re looking to hire two new positions to help Bytemark get the word out: about BigV, our data centre, and all the other developments going on inside our growing company.

For 10 years Bytemark been technically-focussed, and our engineering staff have vastly outnumbered everyone else (the opposite ratio to most hosting companies). But with the growth of BigV and our data centre, it’s time to tweak that balance a little bit. I’m looking for people who can write and talk about what we do, showing the advantages of hosting with Bytemark to both technical and business-minded people and parading our company culture to the world.

Both positions will break new ground inside Bytemark – within 12 months, the people we hire will be defining the way we sell and market ourselves. If you’re looking to jump out of the rank & file, this could be your chance.

As usual for jobs at Bytemark, there is a screener question that you’ll need to answer and submit with your CV.

The two positions are:

  • Head of External Communications (£25-40k): an expert in short-form writing, advertising & web site maintenance.
  • Sales Director (£60k): someone who loves juggling technical planning for a plenty of incoming customers and enjoys the challenge of a performance-driven position.

Follow the links for full details of both; they are based in York and feature our usual excellent benefits. Good luck to everyone applying!