BigV: Archive storage, web-based VM manager launched

There are two super new features for BigV available from today.

Firstly we’re now offering archive-grade storage on BigV: that’s 50GiB of lower-performance direct-attached disc space for £2 per month. That should be ideal for backups, logs and other data where performance isn’t critical.

This complements our standard sata storage (for system discs) as well as the sas and ssd grades which are based on faster storage technologies.

If you run a single VM, your archive-grade storage is guaranteed to be on a separate storage pool from your main disc. You can add 50GB to my-machine (for example) by typing:

bigv disc new my-machine archive 50

To start using archive storage, you’ll need to update your BigV client to 0.8.0 which is out today, and fixes a few other issues.

Secondly we’ve put out a first version of the BigV web manager at  You can use this to create, delete and upgrade virtual machines, as well as viewing their consoles without installing any special software (thanks to the excellent NoVNC project).

It has a few rough edges (especially group and V-Key support), and the interface will undergo some revisions over the next month, but it’s already very useful if you’d rather manage your hosting infrastructure from the web than the command line.

Finally, if you’re a BigV power user and want to keep up with the development of the UK’s most ambitious new public hosting platform (scientifically proven), you might want to join our bigv-friends private mailing list. Just email You can also sometimes get heads-up on new features through our @bytemark feed on Twitter.