Welcome to Bryn & Josh

This my belated welcome for Bryn Thomas and Rajesh Joshi. After eleven years of my clumsy guesswork, they’ll be showing Bytemark how to run a sales and marketing department respectively.

Bryn Thomas has a 20 year track record in technology sales and joins us from iomart Hosting to become Bytemark’s Sales Director. He brings me the confusing and exciting world of leads, targets, closes, whales and minnows. He has already pointed out this noisy device on my desk called a “phone”, and how it can be used to find people who are paying silly amounts for their hosting, and persuade them to join us instead.

Rajesh Joshi, former Brand Manager for Melbourne Hosting, now leads Bytemark’s external communications. He is basically the Don Draper of managed hosting and is already starting to tell our story to a wider audience.

I was a little nervous of handing over a part of our company’s representation after 10 years. We’d never interviewed quite so hard for two posts. But after that process, I’m hugely confident that Bryn and Josh will be a credit to the hard-working technical staff in Bytemark and show off everyone’s hard work, not least our cloud hosting platform BigV and our new wholly-owned data centre YO26.

So welcome to you both!

Matthew @ Bytemark