Test your connection speed to our data centre in York

Did you know that YO26, Bytemark’s data centre in York, is included in the speedtest.net host directory? This means that you can carry out running connection and bandwidth tests to see how fast our services could work for you!

What is speedtest.net?

Speedtest is a third-party tool provided by Ookla. As the name suggests, it allows you to test the speed of your connection to our data centre, and other centres in the UK.

Specifically, you can test these three metrics:

  • Ping: Measured in milliseconds (ms), this tests how quickly you get a response after sending a request to the server.
  • Download Speed: This tests how quickly data is pulled from the server to you.
  • Upload Speed: This tests how long it takes for ¬†you to send data to the server.

Both download and upload speed are measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Test your connection and see what you think.

The link above will automatically test against YO26. You can also manually choose our data centre in the speedtest iOS and Android apps.

How Does it Work?

The speedtest software is running on one of our HP premium dedicated servers with a gigabit port. It then measures how traffic is routed through our network.


Naturally, this comes without any warranty or guarantee and the software is provided by Ookla, not us.

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