Meet us at UKNOF 27 this Tuesday

We’re happy to be supporting the upcoming UKNOF meetup, this time in the impressive surrounds of the GMEX Manchester Central.Manchester Central at night courtesy of

For the uninitiated, UKNOF stands for the United Kingdom Network Operators’ Forum. Essentially, it’s the network for network people. Anyone or any company involved in building, maintaining or otherwise operating an internet protocol (IP) network can join UKNOF and benefit from the shared knowledge and understanding that goes back right to the early days of networked computing in the UK. Check out their helpful introductory presentation.

The UKNOF meetups are thrice yearly, day long events that acts as an open forum for operational, technical and engineering information exchange related to networking technologies and practices.

We’ve supported UKNOF for some time now, hosting some of their online resources and previously hosting a meetup in York. Pete and Tom will be looking forward to chatting with network engineers and other ISPs tomorrow and plan to bring that knowledge into our own network development. We’ll also be giving everyone their own named mug that’s unique to the event. Something for the collectors out there!

For the full agenda, check out the meeting page. See you there!