Withdrawal of 2011 hardware profiles

As detailed in a previous blog post BigV has a feature called hardware profiles. These determine the kinds of hardware and capabilities exposed to your virtual machine and the version of QEMU your machine runs under, among other things. Almost nobody needs to pay attention to them!

Since May, a steadily-increasing proportion of people have moved onto the 2013 profiles. As 2011-profile VMs now comprise under 1.5% of BigV VMs, and we’re starting to be constrained in implementing new features by the age of the QEMU version underlying these profiles, we’ve decided that it’s time to retire virtio2011 and compatibility2011.

As of now, the brain will no longer accept requests to create a new VM with these profiles – clients should automatically update their list of permitted profiles when they are started. We’re currently putting together a list of features that should be in the 2014 profiles, which I’d hope to release sometime in the next few months; if you have any suggestions for (emulated) hardware you’d like your guests to have, or other tweaks to make BigV more useful, feel free to suggest them on the forum or via an email to support@bigv.io.

If you’re one of the few with a VM using one, the VM will continue to run for now, but we’ll be in touch individually to arrange an upgrade to a 2013 profile. The move shouldn’t require any guest changes – just a restart of the machine at a convenient time.