We’ve updated some dedicated server specifications

Now that we’re deploying most of our new servers in YO26, we’ve changed the chassis we’re using to build our dedicated servers to better fit our racks. This means we’ve updated some of the older specifications to fit the new chassis and offer customers better choice between the different models, whilst keeping prices the same.

In brief, the main differences between the old and new models are:

  • The introduction of ECC RAM to both FS23/FS24 which offers better protection against data corruption by automatically detecting and correcting memory errors.
  • The FS23 offers 4 x 1TB SATA hard drives, offering the same usable space as the previous FS13 but in RAID10 rather than RAID1. This means you can optionally configure it as 3TB via RAID5, getting more usable space though at the cost of some performance.
  • The FS24 benefits from 32GiB ECC RAM vs the previous FS14 which only had 16GiB non-ECC RAM.
  • The FS24 also offers double the SSD space, at 240 GB using datacentre-grade Intel S3500 SSDs in RAID1, though we’ve reduced the SATA space to accommodate this whilst keeping the price the same. Let us know if this doesn’t work out for you.

We’ll be updating the rest of the models over the next few weeks, but you can see these new specs online and order them already.

Josh @ Bytemark