Help us test the new BigV web manager

We recently deployed a new beta web client for managing BigV at

The new panel offers a much more user-friendly way of creating and managing cloud servers on BigV. From the panel, you can do almost everything that you can already via the command-line client, except VNC. Once we knock that on its head, we plan on retiring the existing web manager – so that could be soon!

We’ve had a lot of feedback from customers that we need to improve some of our web interfaces and this is just the start.┬áThe super-secret master plan connects other Bytemark services via this central point… but that’s for another day.

Right now, we’d love you to give it a whirl and tell us what you think. It’s important we get this right.

Health warning: Beta software has the odd buried console error. The API is secure and stable so nothing should break.

Go check it out – we’d love your feedback here or on the forum.