An invitation to move your servers to York

Here at Bytemark, we’ve delivered long-term stability by building both our software and servers in-house. We take care of every detail ourselves. This means we’ve not forced customers into upgrades, and not passed blame to suppliers when things go wrong. It’s just how we’ve always done it.

Until last year, we had rented from 4 data centre companies in 12 years of hosting. In that time 3 have been purchased by Telecity Group. However hard we sought it, our diversity of supply was always disappearing. That lack of competition meant this large expense  (most of a million pounds a year) had started to rise outside of our control.

So in 2011 we decided that we wanted to change the situation. After 18 months of saving and research, YO26 was born – our first, wholly-owned datacentre, located in our home town of York.

YO26 has been designed and built completely to Bytemark’s own technical specifications and business requirements. It’s the one of the most modern datacentres in the country, was nominated for an award and features fresh air cooling to keep its power usage down. This means it’s greener than older datacentres and we can save on our remaining unavoidable overhead: electricity bills.

The most important thing is that we own it all – from the leasehold to building fabric to diesel generator. We now have control over every aspect of our service, and can avoid the kind of instability caused by supplier with a near-monopoly.

We’re starting to email customers whose servers are hosted in Manchester and inviting them to move to York. If you’ve not heard from us yet, we’ll be letting you know in the next 4 weeks, we’re just trying to stagger these moves so we can give every server the attention it deserves.

We’ve offered free upgrades for those willing to be moved, and we hope you’ll want to take advantage. For those who don’t want to move, we will need to charge a £14/server/month supplement for customers outside of contracts from December 2014. So I hope you’ll agree we’re giving a lot of warning, and hope that you’ll be able to fit one of our upgrades into your maintenance and renewal considerations.

For those with larger estates, Bytemark is not leaving Manchester. It’s important to our network diversity, to customers who want to build redundant hosting across two cities, and to half our staff who live and work there! So if you’ve got hosting in both places, don’t worry, we won’t charge any extra or be removing any facilities.

We’re now busy installing the next cage in preparation for the first influx tonight, and I hope you’ll be as excited by this as we are. See you in York soon?