A visit from Saint Nick

An original by Nathan…

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land, only photons were stirring in fibres of sand.

Carrying seasonal greetings and holiday cheer, and last minute orders ‘fore the sales next year.

The shoppers were nestled and snug in their beds, while the sysadmins toiled at their keyboards instead.

And one such sysadmin (shall we call him John?) while now sleeping soundly shall waken anon,

To alarms going off, to find MauveAlert red, and to customers crying “My server is dead!”

When from the DC there arose such a clatter, John sprang from his bed to see what was the matter.

Keycard in hand, he ran through the door: the servers were all strewn about on the floor!

The racks toppled over, the wall was in pieces, an old man was laid with large sacks of red fleeces.

The cold Yorkshire air sent a chill down John’s spine, to say nothing of the scene that was in his sight line.

In the mess were the splintered remains of a sleigh, and outside what could he now see coming this way?

Eight flying reindeer with galloping hoof, John jumped as he heard them touch down on the roof.

The man on the floor was now starting to stand, John leaned slightly over to offer a hand.

He coughed and he spluttered and straightened his suit, picked wood from his beard and gave a low toot.

“Ho ho,” said the man when he saw John’s distress, “it seems we will have to clean up all this mess.”

He lifted his hand with a flourish and wave, as he swirled it around things were looking less grave.

All the bits of the sleigh were made to adhere, and it was transported to the roof with the ‘deer.

It passed through the ceiling without a complaint, whilst the racks that were toppled rocked upright and straight.

The building supports were put back in place and the wall was repaired without even a trace.

The man glanced around looking somewhat bemused, “No chimney?” he laughed, “Well I guess this will do.”

He glittered and shimmered and span round and round, and slowly turned into a shiny gold cloud.

He swam through the air without looking back, and got pulled right into the AC extract.

John ran outside just in time to see, the sleigh pulling off up and over the trees.

And John heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

Bytemark Christmas Card 2014Bytemark Christmas Card inside