Hardware Security Procedures: A visit from the shredder!

Disposing securely of old hard discs is an important part of our data hygiene. Each time we retire a server, the discs are securely wiped before they’re removed or re-purposed.

If they fail, are out of warranty or are otherwise basically useless, they need to be disposed of properly. Having them shredded is by far the most reliable way of ensuring the discs are beyond use.

How Does it Work?

Booking a visit from a disc-shredding lorry is a convenient way of arranging this disposal.

The steps, and photos, below outline the comprehensive shredding process:

  1. The lorry arrives.
  2. Hard discs are fed in, by hand, through a safety slot.
  3. Blades crush and shred the discs.
  4. Particles emerge, each no bigger than 20mm. It is effectively impossible to retrieve any data.
  5. The firm sends everything to be recycled.
  6. Bytemark receives a waste transfer notice, confirming that nothing was sent to landfill.

For security, and to provide an audit trail, the entire process is recorded on video.

Are there any other security procedures¬†at Bytemark you’re interested in learning more about?