New sign-up form for BigV

We’ve dramatically overhauled the way that new users can sign-up to BigV.

This is obviously one of the biggest barriers to bringing new users to the platform. We can sing about the benefits all we like, but if users don’t complete the sign-up process, then there’s little point in promoting it.

Some of the improvements are:

  • it’s not just a long, dry-looking form! We’ve split it up into three, easy-to-read chunks that users can navigate between.
  • per-field prompts: helping the user give us the information we need to process their sign-up.
  • simple credit card detection: because specifying Visa/Mastercard is as relevant as a ker-chunk machine.
  • start of the process can be embedded on other sites, e.g. the BigV page on Bytemark’s site.
  • works on mobile and desktop.

There’s obviously a bit more work to do and we’ll be refining it now that it’s launched, including adding discount codes back in. In the meantime, we’d love your feedback – drop us a line below.