New range of dedicated server hosting products

Intel inside XeonIntel inside Core i3 logoWe have just launched our new range of dedicated server hosting products, featuring IntelĀ® processors and fast SSDs. Go and check out the new specification now.

The biggest change is that we’re now selling three dedicated server models to fit your need and your budget. We’ve named these: Dual, Pro and Max.

Each of these servers offer a fixed specification intended to provide the best value of price vs performance in its class — whilst still delivering the reliability that you expect from Bytemark.

The servers all feature Intel processors, ranging from dual-core i3 to quad-core Xeon powerhouses meaning our Dual server now has around the same processing power as the previous top-end AMD Opteron (on benchmarks alone). We’re also offering fast SSDs (solid state drives) on both our Dual and Max servers with varying options depending on whether you just need the speed or you also need the capacity.

All our new dedicated servers will be deployed in our own data centre in York so we’ve upgraded the standard network connectivity to 1Gbps! Both our Pro and Max servers also offer 2x power and network connections, adding to their resilience against unexpected outages.

Finally, we know some of you might have recently bought a server from us. We’re happy to chat about a fair deal for you – just drop us a line: We’ll also be getting in touch with anyone else who’s asked for a quote and taking the opportunity to offer you an updated quote based on our latest products.

For more information, read our FAQ over on the forum.

Let us know what you think of the new server range: drop us a comment below!