Sponsoring MetaCPAN helps us support the Perl community

MetaCPAN is a web search engine for CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network): an archive of over 130,000 modules for the Perl programming language, written by over 11,000 authors. MetaCPAN helps Perl developers find the open source modules they need to help build their applications. Bytemark has sponsored MetaCPAN since 2012 with three dedicated servers.

Sponsoring MetaCPAN makes perfect sense for Bytemark. It has the potential to save us weeks of developer time by helping our developers locate modules not included in the Perl standard distribution. Large Perl programs can use many modules, from those that interface with SQL databases to simple utilities.

MetaCPAN runs on three dedicated servers:

  • 1 HP Premium server, with a quad-core Intel Xeon processor. 6GB RAM and 500GB storage
  • 2 x servers with AMD Opteron 8-core, 32GB RAM, 240GB SSD and 1TB storage each.

All three servers are located in Bytemark’s York data centre, which is connected to our 10Gbps core network.

Go check out MetaCPAN here