Change to Premium SSD storage grade

Starting today, we’ll be withdrawing the Premium SSD storage grade option on BigV and arranging for existing users of the grade to migrate to our standard SSD storage.

This shouldn’t unduly impact an existing users of Premium SSDs as late last year, we migrated all our standard sata storage on BigV from running on spinning magnetic discs to solid-state drives.

We achieved this seamlessly through the magic of BigV’s live-migration: you might have noticed a disc read/write speed bump at some point, but that was about it!

That means all current and future servers on BigV that use the sata (standard) storage grade are running on SSDs.

Unsurprisingly, this means a Premium SSD option is an anomaly. It was priced at £2 per 0.5GiB (and still labelled ssd in the API/command-line) because the SSD technology we’re using for the Premium SSD storage grade was intended to be quicker than our standard sata storage, previously on spinning magnetic discs.

Now that standard sata storage is on SSD, the real world performance difference is negligible and we’ve been told by you that it’s confusing to offer multiple grades of SSD storage.

That’s why we’ve decided to withdraw the Premium SSD storage grade for new servers.

We’re updating the BigV control panel so that no new servers can be created using the Premium SSD storage grade. We’ll also be contacting the (very small number of) users on this grade and arranging a live-migration to standard SSD storage.

Eventually, the API will also be updated to better reflect the current choice of storage grade.

I hope this isn’t particularly surprising! The main change for existing users of Premium SSD will be a dramatic reduction in cost of their servers whilst experiencing similar performance. We think that simplifying the platform by removing this little-used option will make BigV simpler to use and bring the benefits of SSDs to everyone wanting a reliable, UK cloud server.

Thanks for reading! Do post any questions here or drop me a line: