BigV’s second UK zone now available

Bytemark’s BigV cloud hosting is now officially made in York

BigV: made in YorkWe’re really pleased to announce that everyone can now create new BigV virtual machines in our second UK zone: our home city of York.

Customers can now benefit from servers located in two geographically separate UK locations: our first zone in Manchester and the new York zone, hosted in our own data centre, YO26.

Stability, speed and space to grow

The York zone offers everything you’ve already come to expect from BigV:

  • 25GB of SSD space as standard and up to 180GiB of RAM per server
  • run almost any x86 operating system
  • support for IPv6 baked right in.

Being hosted in YO26 also means we have complete control over every single aspect of the zone: from the land, to the power and network.

YO26 is an award-winning, modern and greener data centre. It offers plenty of room for expansion, which is why the default for new virtual machines will be York. Customers wanting to start servers in Manchester will be able to choose this through our simple zone selector in the Control Panel or the command-line interface/API:

BigV panel zone selector animation

We expect the quality and reliability of service to be virtually identical between zones; we welcome feedback as ever. Right now, we’re not offering the ability to migrate between zones. The small number of customers with existing private VLANs in Manchester also won’t be able to add machines from the York zone. You can read more technical details in our FAQ on the Bytemark forum.

A major investment in York

The new BigV zone in York represents another major investment by Bytemark in the future of York as a digital city. BigV is the only public cloud service with a zone in York and Bytemark is still one of the few 100% privately UK owned and located hosting companies (did we mention our recent award of the Fair Tax Mark?).

We’re very proud to be offering BigV in our home city of York. The cost of the hardware pales in comparison to the investment of time and energy by all of our team in making this a reality.

Try it now: Log on to the Bytemark Control Panel and start a server in York immediately.

Josh @ Bytemark

PS Want to show off that your virtual machine is “Made in York”? download the logos here.