Change your payment card & view account details in latest Control Panel update

The development of our new Control Panel continues apace. We’re starting to release some new features that begin to reduce the need to use the existing panel. This is something that was muchly requested in our recent customer survey!

The first of those features is account management.

To try it out now, log in to the new panel with your usual Bytemark credentials, then visit the Account tab.

Beta account management

From there, you will be able to:

  • view the billing & technical contacts on the account.
  • add, or replace your payment card.
  • change your Bytemark password.
  • redeem a discount code, if you have one.

Whilst we continue to build this out, some tasks still require manual intervention for now. Please contact support to do those things for now. We’ll be building them into this new panel over the coming months. Getting invoices into the new Control Panel is also planned.

We are also working on bringing administration of your domains into the new panel (view, register and configure), which means there should soon be one less reason to use the older system. We will soon have to decide when to promote panel-beta to simply panel!

Take the latest release for a test drive and log in to the beta Control Panel now.