A small update to our live customer satisfaction statistics

Since July of this year we’ve been posting our live customer satisfaction ratings online. We also shared information about our methodology when we began doing this.

We’re committed to being transparent so we’ve been delighted by the positive response.

Yesterday, I discovered that our calculations have been missing out a small number of support tickets. Tickets were missed from the published ratings if we resolved the issue completely by phone or where the only emails were outbound from Bytemark.

This is because our calculation expected a value in the “last contacted” field of our helpdesk software, which is automatically set when a customer sends an email, not when we send one. If an issue is resolved completely by phone, customers do not receive emails apart from one confirming that the issue is resolved (and requests feedback).

I’ve now fixed this anomaly and the live satisfaction ratings are showing both the correct number of tickets as well as an updated satisfaction rating.

Patrick Cherry, Director of Operations @ Bytemark