Amsterdam: a great host for HostingCon

We get some great perks working for Bytemark, including getting to go to interesting conferences. That’s why I recently hopped on a plane to Amsterdam to meet the “who’s who” of the hosting industry at HostingCon Europe!

For the uninitiated, HostingCon Europe is the little sister of the biggest conference in the hosting industry ‘HostingCon Global’, held in the US. The first HostingCon Europe took place last year, so this was a good opportunity to see what the fuss was all about.

Amsterdam is the perfect location for HostingCon Europe – one third of all European data centres are located in the Amsterdam area and the Netherlands is home to one of the most advanced markets for data centre operations in Europe. Amsterdam is also well connected for travel (by train, plane & bike!).

Passagiers Terminal Amsterdam (PTA)

Perhaps surprisingly for a networking conference, I’ve ‘only’ received a small amount of spam email since the event. Given that my ID badge was scanned around every corner, I expected to be flooded with them – another plus in my book.

I’ve been to a few conferences before, this being by far the best. That said, there’s plenty more to try – I’m still trying to work out where to go next. Drop a note in the comments if you have a suggestion.

Making the most of HostingCon Europe:

  • Be sure to be aware of the activities in and on the fringe of the event before you go as some places need to be booked in advance.
  • Book early for a discount on the ticket (plus hotel and plane/train will be cheaper).
  • Network, network, network: there are plenty of cool and interesting people and companies represented – it never hurts to learn more.
  • Take your time – with it being a 2 day event, there’s plenty of time to see all the exhibitors in between talks.
  • Explore Amsterdam – being in such a great city, it’d be rude not to take a walk round.

HostingCon Europe is back in Amsterdam next year: 11-12 October 2016 and maybe I’ll see you there!

PS Want to work for Bytemark? We’re recruiting!